Six Degrees Of Seperation (vol 1)- All Roads Lead To Thrice

Join us for a laid back, filler episode of the eclectic podcast that could become a regular thing.

Six Degrees of separation, we trust you all know the concept? Well according to the Wikipedia its: the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are Six or fewer steps away from each other so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of Six steps.

Thats what its all about, starting with a track from Dustin Kensrue we end the episode with Dustin Kensrue. If you don’t like spoilers don’t look at the track list. We complete the circle in 6 tracks and have some light hearted fun along the way. (Picture for attention purposes only).

Track list:

1. Dustin Kensrue / The Modern Post – ‘Come Lord Jesus’
2. Ascend the Hill – ‘Even When I’m At My Darkest’
3. Propaganda – ‘Lofty’ (feat Joel from Ascend the Hill & Beautiful Eulogy)
4. Beautiful Eulogy – ‘Omnipotent’ (feat King’s Kaleidoscope)
5. King’s Kaleidoscope – ‘Grace Alone’
6. Thrice – ‘Salt & Shadow’

Ep #13 – Joy Temby (Apologia Studios, Sheologians) Interview

Ep #13 – Joy Temby (Apologia Studios, Sheologians) Interview

An episode of firsts! 1st time playing classical music. 1st non-musical interview. 1st time having a female interviewee. And the 1st woman to wage war against the [once] patriarchal Eclectic Podcast!

Joy Temby speaks about her work with Apologia Studios & the Sheologians podcast. And, in a bizarre plot twist (*Spoiler Alert*), the co-hosts become the questioned.

Join us as we spin a throwback King’s Kaleidoscope track, the newest single from Andrew Peterson, and hear Joy knock the ‘Australian Citizenship Test’ out of the park.

Track List
1) Andrew Peterson – ‘Is He Worthy?’
2) King’s Kaleidoscope – ‘All Glory Be to Christ’
3) Franz Liszt – ‘Liebestraum No. 3’ (Love Song)

Episode 12- The interview with Oh Eternity

We had a blast speaking with Micah Bishop, lead singer & guitarist of alt rock band, Oh Eternity! Join us for great conversations on:

– the importance of community & growth in the gospel for Christian touring & recording artists

– their vision for their latest LP ‘I Exist’ (released Nov 2017)

– how My Epic, Relient K and As Cities Burn have shaped the band’s sound & lyricism

Hear about their connection to New Vine Media and see Micah blitz the ‘Aussie Citizenship Test’. Tune in in the next 10 mins & you’ll also receive a free set of steak knives valued at $39.99AU.


1) Oh Eternity – ‘Brave Enough’

2) Oh Eternity – ‘Eternal God’

3) Relient K – ‘Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been’

4) My Epic – ‘Curse’

5) As Cities Burn – ‘Contact’

6) Oh Eternity – ‘The Wind, the Waves

Episode 11- Lyrics special (no1)

Episode 11 the number after 7 and 8, 9 and 10. The Eclectic Podcast want to welcome you to the in-depth special episode where Chris and Joel delve deep into the lyrics of 4 songs carefully chosen to showcase the meaning, emotion and the gospel message used to craft the words.

Tracks from My Epic, The Gray Havens, Swoope and Ghost ship are dissected, discussed to show you what the songs mean to us and why the lyrics are of so much interest to us. Also news on note and a brand new segment called……we will let you find out yourself.

Track list:
1. Swoope- Applause
2. Ghost ship- Where were you
3. My Epic- Lashes
4. The Gray Havens- Inheritance.

ep 10 first episode of the eclectic podcast for 2018.

Welcome to the very first episode of the eclectic podcast for 2018.

We trust you all had a good time remembering the birth of Jesus and celebrating the start of a new year. We have a jam packed episode for you with the introduction of a new jingle, new tracks and of course all the good banter you can expect from The Eclectic Podcast. We go deep into some of what we would consider 6 of our standout tracks released in 2017, we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Track list:
1. Beautiful Eulogy- Doxology ft Latifa Alattas.
2. The Brilliance- Lift your voice.
3. Oh eternity- Lift my eyes.
4. Heath McNease- Believe ft JGivens & Propaganda.
5. My soul among Loins- The words of the Lord.
6. Your Memorial – Steadfast

the Eclectic Podcast Ep9- the Christmas special and last for 2017

The light came down! Have you been naughty or nice? Well, it doesn’t matter because Santa is a hoax, and
we focus on the real reason for the season in the birth of Christ. Inside the Christmas
stocking that is Episode 9, you may or may not find… Charcoal, a poem by Augustine, a partridge and a pear tree and fan feedback from The Eclectic social media pages.

1) The Grey Havens – ‘At Last the King’
2) Josh Garrels – ‘The Light Came Down’
3) Page CXVI – ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’
4) Wolves at the Gate – ‘Come Thou Long Expected Jesus’
5) Beacon Light – ‘Jingle Bells Remix’
6) Gungor – ‘Oh Light’ (feat. All Sons & Daughters)

Thanks for support & look forward to seeing you all in 2018!

Episode 8 with A Beautiful Liturgy

Welcome to episode 8 of the eclectic podcast, and what an episode it is! We have another interview and this time around it’s Emilie and Rich, a father/daughter duo called A Beautiful Liturgy. We delve deep into crafting music that stands the test of time and keeps the fullness of Christ as the centre of worship music lyrics. We introduce our brand new segment called The Australian Citizenship test.

Track list:
1. A Beautiful Liturgy- Lord have mercy
2. The Brilliance- Wounded Healer
3. John Mark Mcmillan- Future/Past
4. A Beautiful Liturgy- Today a risen King

The Eclectic Podcast Ep7: Girls rule, boys drool


Strap yourselves in for episode 7 as we uncover some of our favourite female musicians and female-fronted bands!  Feat. music from Page CXVI, Marz Ferrer & Jackie Hill Perry.  We also unveil our newest segment called “That Time When” and get the low-down on exciting upcoming music releases in 2017 / early 2018 from Humble Beast & Facedown Records.


·      A Beautiful Liturgy – ‘Lord Have Mercy’

·      Page CXVI – ‘Wash Me Clean’

·      Jackie Hill Perry – ‘Better’ (feat. Natalie Lauren & JGivens)

·      Marz Ferrer – ‘Take Me Away’

·      Holly Ann – ‘Sweet Peace’

·      Hillary Jane –‘Reign on Me’

The Eclectic Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6 of the Eclectic Podcast. On this the 6th episode we take you through 6 tracks released in the first half of 2017, track they we have enjoyed listening to. With artists like Kings Kaleidoscope, Eikon and Loud Harp just to name a few. Listen for a few recommendations and other light hearted moments. Enjoy.

Episode 5 with Seth Davey

Here you have it folks, the 5th episode of The Eclectic podcast. This time around Seth Davey, former Attalus front man, singer/songwriter and author. This is probably the longest episode but worth every minute as we talk about his album Till you’re all I see, Attalus and plenty of other things. Don’t forget to subscribe on Itunes and share it with your friends.

Song list:
Seth Davey- Glorious disgrace.
Seth Davey- 30 years and counting.
DC Talk- Red Letters.
Blindside- Sleepwalking.
Copeland- Testing the strong ones.
Attalus- Coming clean.

enjoy it.