Ep 41 – Jason Wisdom (Death Therapy, The Reversalist, Ex – Becoming The Archetype)

We were honoured to have Jason Wisdom on our podcast last month. Join us for conversations on the latest Death Therapy EP & Dance Therapy: Pre Apocalyptic Cyber Funk For Late Stage Humanoids and his new hardcore / metalcore project called The Reversalist, as well as Jason’s take on the good, the bad and the interesting trends of the Christian metal scene from the early 2000s until now!

You’ll hear some great stories involving many of your favorite metal and hardcore bands from the scene(both past and present), the process of recording the eponymous Becoming the Archetype album “Dichotomy” with Devin Townsend, and even a few fan-submitted questions as well.

1) Death Therapy – “Resist the Eclipse”
2) The Reversalist – “Broken Crown”
3) Death Therapy – “Terra Firma” (feat. Jack Daniels of War of Ages / Hope for the Dying)”

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