Ep 39 – Andy Squyres

Join us for some thought-provoking conversations with North Carolina-based indie, singer-songwriter Andy Squyres! Andy shared his thoughts on his deliberate choice of the path less travelled in creating music that challenges and takes time to digest, his musical collaboration with Taylor Leonhardt, and the journey of finding his voice in recent years of writing and recording music. Hear singles
Track List:
1) Andy Squyres “Before You God”
2) Andy Squyres “River of Fire”
3) Andy Squyres “Labor In Vain”

Social Media:
Facebook @andysquyresmusic
Instagram @andysquyres
Hear Andy Squyre’s album 3 singles (Before You God, River of Fire & Dead Horse) and “Cherry Blossoms”

(LP released in 2015) on the following platforms:
*Bandcamp: https://andysquyres.bandcamp.com/
*iTunes: https://music.apple.com/au/album/before-you-god-single/1501796081
*Spotify: Andy Squyres

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