Episode 12- The interview with Oh Eternity

We had a blast speaking with Micah Bishop, lead singer & guitarist of alt rock band, Oh Eternity! Join us for great conversations on:

– the importance of community & growth in the gospel for Christian touring & recording artists

– their vision for their latest LP ‘I Exist’ (released Nov 2017)

– how My Epic, Relient K and As Cities Burn have shaped the band’s sound & lyricism

Hear about their connection to New Vine Media and see Micah blitz the ‘Aussie Citizenship Test’. Tune in in the next 10 mins & you’ll also receive a free set of steak knives valued at $39.99AU.


1) Oh Eternity – ‘Brave Enough’

2) Oh Eternity – ‘Eternal God’

3) Relient K – ‘Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been’

4) My Epic – ‘Curse’

5) As Cities Burn – ‘Contact’

6) Oh Eternity – ‘The Wind, the Waves

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