Episode 32 – Tenielle Neda And The First Fellow Country Woman

The Eclectic Podcast is really excited to release episode 32 joined by a recording artist signed to one of our favourite record labels (Running Club Records) and lives in our own state of Western Australia, was it mentioned we were excited?

Tenielle Neda is out guest artist and she along with the baby in her belly, joins us to talk about her journey to faith and how she went from Australian idol to singing in Tamworth to bible collage and what she does for a living, living in Karratha (hint: two tracks)

There is also talk of how to work, parent and makes music while also being a wife and how one makes the time for it all, talk about maybe doing some shows in Perth and lastly, talk about what Tenielle’s taste in music is like and lastly talk about the potential to do some Tenielle Neda maternity merchandise.

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Track List:

Tenielle Neda – Mercy
Tenielle Neda – Antidote for Apathy
Tenielle Neda – No fear in love
John Van Deusen – None other


Episode 31 – The Eclectic Global Take Over

Having been a podcast for about 3 years, looking for new music to play is enjoyable and a pleasure, especially when you come across something really good. When people from around the world send us good music we don’t have to look for, we get excited and can’t help but dance, sing along and share it with you.

This is what episode 31 is all about, people reaching out to us via social media and recommending their own musical creations or those of friends and family. Christian artists from Canada, Holland, America and Madagascar have either sent us tracks or people close to them have brought to our attention, these musical gems.

There is a brew review of a great local Perth brewery, Otherside brewing co, albums The Eclectic has listened to in 2019, some highly recommended, some not and of course all the other things that make it The Eclectic Podcast.

Track list:
1) Fy Rasolofoniaina – Tiako Ianao
2) Kensington Prairie – Healer
3) Redeemed – Boundryles 
4) Psalm – Walk Away