Episode 27 – The Full Relationship Spectrum With Our Sexual Healing

This is one topic that The Eclectic Podcast would not have dreamed of presenting when it first started. It’s a topic that not makes some queasy, while others can’t seem to stop talking about. Either way, sexuality is not going away and Darrel Bell aka Stephen the Levite joins us on the show to take sexuality back from the secular world.

If you’re single, dating, engaged or married there is something for you, we cover the whole spectrum in discussion and the musical choices. Learn more about how Our Sexual Healing (OSH) came to be, what struggles they had with sexuality early on in marriage, where you can find new music from Stephen the Levite and which hip hop beat is Darrels favourite of all time.

Listen, enjoy, subscribe and share, becasuse who knows, you could be helping a struggling couple.

Track list:

1. S.O. – Wait
2. The Cross Movement – Creature Double Feature
3. Andy Mineo – Love
4. Stephen The Levite – Truth is ft Melissa T