Episode 21- Moda Spira, Page CXVI And Latifa Alatas

Latifah Alattas is an artist, producer and songwriter who has worked extensively with a wide array of Christian indie artists and bands, including Josh Garrels, Loud Harp, Beautiful Eulogy and Aaron Strumpel.

Hear Latifah share the story of her grief, heartbreak and hope in the midst of suffering in her latest album ‘Divorce’ (releasing October 26). Hear a yet-to-be released track from the album, and her close working partnership with Dave Wilton from @A Boy and His Kite.
The episode also features generous servings of canine contributions from Tifah’s dog. This is one episode you won’t want to miss!

Track list:

1) Loud Harp – ‘Immanuel’
2) Aaron Strumpel – ‘Mighty Refuge (Guard My Heart)’
3) Aaron Hale – ‘Carry the Weight’
4) Page CXVI – Wash Me Clean
5) Moda Spira – ‘Bed’

Episode 21- Running Club Records And Chris Lawson Jones

Ep #22 – Interview with Chris Lawson Jones (Running Club Records)

“I just want to get behind [musicians and bands] that are exciting musically and point people to Jesus Christ” – Chris Lawson Jones

This episode sees Joel & Chris speaking to Chris Lawson Jones about the new UK record label, Running Club Records. We hear about the new and emerging indie worship music scene in the UK and listen to the newest signees to the label, @Josh Gauton and @Rivers and Robots.

Chris also name-drops a fellow Perth drummer & promises to bring the beloved Rivers and Robots Down Under sometime in the future!

1) Rivers & Robots – ‘Discovery’
2) Josh Gauton – ‘Cathedral’
3) Lucy Grimble – ‘Heartbeats’