Episode 43 – Best Albums of the Decade / EOY Wrapup

Join us as we do our final episode ever! We decided to close off the season of the podcast with our Top 10 favourite albums of the last decade (2011-2020), sharing some memories of the past 4 years along the way. Also includes our top 5 favourite albums from the year that was 2020.

1. Wolves at the Gate “VxV” 2014
2. Josh Garrels “Love and War and the Sea Inbetween” 2011
3. Beautiful Eulogy “Worthy” 2017
4. Attalus “Into the Sea” 2015
5. Tony Anderson “Finding Home” [Soundtrack] 2013
6. Kings Kaleidoscope “Zeal” 2019
7. My Epic “Behold” 2013
8. Jon Guerra “Keeper of Days” 2020
9. Jon Foreman “The Wonderlands EPs” 2015
10. Thrice “To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere” 2016

1. Attalus – Into The Sea 2015
2. Beautiful Eulogy – Satellite Kite 2011
3. Wolves at the Gate – “VxV” 2014
4. Josh White – Pilgrim 2013
5. Mouth Of The South – Struggle Well 2014
6. Rivers and Robots – Eternal Son 2016
7. Josh Garrels & Mason Jar Music – The Sea Inbetween (Live) 2013
8. Kings Kaleidoscope – Zeal 2019
9. Pas Neos – Who Do You Say I Am 2012
10. Swoope – Wake Up 2012

Ep 42 – Tyler Collins (Bareheart, Least of These)

We sat down with Tyler Collins in our latest episode.  Tyler told us all about his new acoustic project, Bareheart, which fans of City and Colour, Noah Gunderson & Dustin Kensrue are sure to enjoy!  We talked about Least of These and reminisced over deep cuts from their “Change Will Come” album as well as hearing about plans for 2020 to make music again.

We also discuss Tyler’s friendship with fellow Texan and lead singer of Rival Choir and Mouth of the South, Josiah Lyle, and how they got to collaborating on the Sick Heart single “Feigned.

Track List:
1) Bareheart – Nothing Wrong

2) Barehart – Rain

3) Least of These – Bearing In and Out

4) Sick Heart – Feigned, ft. Tyler Collins

Show Notes:
FB: @bareheartmusicInsta: @bareheartmusic
‘Rain’ Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiqQqK6XWT4

Least of These
FB: @weareleastofthese

Insta: @wearelot

Ep 41 – Jason Wisdom (Death Therapy, The Reversalist, Ex – Becoming The Archetype)

We were honoured to have Jason Wisdom on our podcast last month. Join us for conversations on the latest Death Therapy EP & Dance Therapy: Pre Apocalyptic Cyber Funk For Late Stage Humanoids and his new hardcore / metalcore project called The Reversalist, as well as Jason’s take on the good, the bad and the interesting trends of the Christian metal scene from the early 2000s until now!

You’ll hear some great stories involving many of your favorite metal and hardcore bands from the scene(both past and present), the process of recording the eponymous Becoming the Archetype album “Dichotomy” with Devin Townsend, and even a few fan-submitted questions as well.

1) Death Therapy – “Resist the Eclipse”
2) The Reversalist – “Broken Crown”
3) Death Therapy – “Terra Firma” (feat. Jack Daniels of War of Ages / Hope for the Dying)”

Ep 40 – Midyear Wrap-up 2020 ft. Scott Fryberger of Jesus Freak Hideout

The Eclectic Podcast · Ep 40 – Midyear Wrap-up 2020 ft. Scott Fryberger of Jesus Freak Hideout

Our mate Scott Fryberger of Jesus Freak Hideout joined us for discussions on our Top 5 albums and favourite songs from the first half of 2020. We also talk about what albums we’re anticipating in the second half of the year and a little on some of the history and plans of both Jesus Freak Hideout and The Eclectic Podcast.

Track List:
1) Gable Price & Friends – Heretic (Scott’s choice)
2) DENS – Men (Joel’s choice)
3) John Mark McMillan – The Road, The Rocks, The Weeds (Chris’ choice)

Show Notes:
Scott Fryberger’s Staff Page @JFH: https://www.jesusfreakhideout.com/staff/Scott.asp
Jesus Freak Hideout IG: @jesusfreakhideout
The Eclectic Podcast Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-872053291

Ep 39 – Andy Squyres

Join us for some thought-provoking conversations with North Carolina-based indie, singer-songwriter Andy Squyres! Andy shared his thoughts on his deliberate choice of the path less travelled in creating music that challenges and takes time to digest, his musical collaboration with Taylor Leonhardt, and the journey of finding his voice in recent years of writing and recording music. Hear singles
Track List:
1) Andy Squyres “Before You God”
2) Andy Squyres “River of Fire”
3) Andy Squyres “Labor In Vain”

Social Media:
Facebook @andysquyresmusic
Instagram @andysquyres
Hear Andy Squyre’s album 3 singles (Before You God, River of Fire & Dead Horse) and “Cherry Blossoms”

(LP released in 2015) on the following platforms:
*Bandcamp: https://andysquyres.bandcamp.com/
*iTunes: https://music.apple.com/au/album/before-you-god-single/1501796081
*Spotify: Andy Squyres

Ep 38 – The Underground Files (Vol 1)

Ep 38 – Underground Files, Vol. 1

The Eclectic Podcast · Ep 38 – The Underground Files (Vol 1)

In our inaugural episode from the Underground Files, we feature four gifted artists and bands who you need to hear! We span genres from folk to R’n’B, alternative rock to worship, and talk about some of the most impressive underground albums that have been released so far by artists of faith in 2020.

Want to submit an artist or band for future “Underground Files” episodes?  Then email us @ theeclcetic17 [at] gmail.com


1) Benjamin Daniel “Homebody”

2) Alyssa Wade “My Father’s World” (feat. Omri)

3) Chase Tremaine “Counsel (The Help I Get)”

4) Plainsmen Worship “Creator God”

Show Notes

Facebook: @benjidkunz
Twitter: @benjikunz
Instagram: @benjidanielmusic

  • Alyssa Wade

“My Fathers World” can be found at:
-Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3D6j5cCrjSkjx5j12WjHvs?si=i1apOcacRZGvppWiR8HWAw
-Wrath and Grace website: https://www.wrathandgrace.com/product/alyssa-wade-my-fathers-world/

Instagram: @alyssa_d_wade

  • Chase Tremaine

“Unfall” can be found at:
-Bandcamp: https://chasetremaine.bandcamp.com/releases
-iTunes: https://music.apple.com/au/album/unfall/1493673997
-Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0iVBcbirNMMoUNs0tniita?si=Qhq8-HfgTXisfoR3YOCEJw
Instagram: @chasetremaine

  • Plainsmen Worship

“Giver of Good Things: can be found at:

-iTunes: https://music.apple.com/au/album/giver-of-good-things/1507519816

-Bandcamp: https://plainsmenworship.bandcamp.com/
-Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/59j9YWfIvH3ZK2hyEumTLk?si=QhnSDxFqSi6PIu03G62RuA
Facebook: @plainsmenworship

Ep 37 – Dens

The Eclectic Podcast · Ep 37 – Dens

Ep 37 – Dens Interview

We had some great conversations with Shaun Hypes about the newest @densnoise release through @facedownrecords called “Taming Tongues.” Join us to hear about Shaun share about the band’s ambitious concept album, stories from the recording studio, unique band merch in the form of hot sauce, and tips on beard care.

It’s also the first episode in The Eclectic history where Joel and Chris weren’t recording in the same room! COVID-19 couldn’t stop this episode from seeing the light of day.


1) Dens – Even

2) Dens – Men

3) Dens – Keep

Show Notes

*Dens Instagram: @densnoise
*Dens Facebook: @densnoise

*“Taming Tongues” (Spotify): tinyurl.com/ydeenzwe
*Dens Merch Store: facedown.merchnow.com/catalogs/dens

Ep 36 – The Legacy Of C.S Lewis

Ep 36 – The Legacy of C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis — gifted apologist, fiction writer, and arguably one of the foremost Christian thinkers of the 21st century. What legacy has he left?

Join us as we take the plunge into some of Lewis’s seminal books including The Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity and The Problem of Pain. We look at stories behind these classic works, share a beer in honour of the Inklings, and talk about how Lewis has shaped the stories and songs of bands and artists Attalus, Andrew Peterson, The Gray Havens, and Heath McNease, but to name a few.

Grab a tasty beverage, find your headphones, and get comfortable in your favourite chair to explore the legacy of C.S. Lewis!

1) Your Memorial – “Transfiguration”
2) Attalus “The Problem of Pain”
3) Heath McNease “A Grief Observed”
4) Benjamin Dunn & the Animal Friends “Caspian”

“The Legacy of CS Lewis” Spotify Playlist (+40 songs): https://tinyurl.com/suonpl7

Ep. 35 – 2019 Year Wrap Up: Best Albums & Songs

What were your favourite albums of 2019?  For our 1st episode of 2020, we talk about some of our favourite albums from the year that was!  We discuss our Top 2019 albums from veterans like King’s Kaleidoscope, Josh Garrels, Eshon Burgundy & My Epic, as well as impressive debut albums from Weeping Hour & Make Sure.

Brew Review of a nice, dark Aussie IPA also enclosed! 

Track List:
1) Josh Garrels “Anchor For My Soul”

2) Make Sure – “I Thought I Could Do Better Than You”

3) Eshon Burgundy – “Cotton”

4) Old Solar “Spring Equinox”

Show Notes:

–       Josh Garrels “Anchor For My Soul” (2012 version): https://www.pastemagazine.com/noisetrade/music/deeperwell/deeper-well

–       Barbary Coast Black IPA (6.4%): https://craftypint.com/beer/5180/green-beacon-barbary-coast-2018

–       Make Sure “Walk Home Instead” Album: https://makesure.bandcamp.com/album/walk-home-instead

Ep 34 – Matt Greiner (August Burns Red) Part 2/2 – Faith Life, Ministry on the Road, Farm Life

Join us in Part 2/2 of our Matt Greiner interview where we deal with the third and final chapter of the Matt Greiner story!

We hear stories of Matt’s Christian faith, his connection and interactions with fans going through suffering and difficulties, and his favourite Tim Keller books. We also ask Matt about his love of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and how the farm he grew up on holds a special place in his heart and life.

(Check out Episode 33, Part 1/2 where we talk all things August Burns Red, drumming, and the Holy Ghost Notes Podcast)

Track List:
1) Hillsong United – “What a Wonderful Name(Live)”

Show Links
– August Burns Red @augustburnsred
– Holy Ghost Note Podcast: theholyghostnotes.com/
– Tim Keller’s “Walking With God through Pain & Suffering”: tinyurl.com/s2e4ez6

Fan Question Submissions:
– Ryan Fishel, “Reformed Mosh Pit” Facebook Group
– Joshua James, good friend & a dead-set bonza Aussie bloke
– Matt Kram, “Indie Vision Music” Facebook Group
– Sean Wilson, “Labelled Podcast” Facebook Group
– Noah Hardwick, “Indie Vision Music” Facebook Group