Ep 37 – Dens

The Eclectic Podcast · Ep 37 – Dens

Ep 37 – Dens Interview

We had some great conversations with Shaun Hypes about the newest @densnoise release through @facedownrecords called “Taming Tongues.” Join us to hear about Shaun share about the band’s ambitious concept album, stories from the recording studio, unique band merch in the form of hot sauce, and tips on beard care.

It’s also the first episode in The Eclectic history where Joel and Chris weren’t recording in the same room! COVID-19 couldn’t stop this episode from seeing the light of day.


1) Dens – Even

2) Dens – Men

3) Dens – Keep

Show Notes

*Dens Instagram: @densnoise
*Dens Facebook: @densnoise

*“Taming Tongues” (Spotify): tinyurl.com/ydeenzwe
*Dens Merch Store: facedown.merchnow.com/catalogs/dens

Ep 36 – The Legacy Of C.S Lewis

Ep 36 – The Legacy of C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis — gifted apologist, fiction writer, and arguably one of the foremost Christian thinkers of the 21st century. What legacy has he left?

Join us as we take the plunge into some of Lewis’s seminal books including The Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity and The Problem of Pain. We look at stories behind these classic works, share a beer in honour of the Inklings, and talk about how Lewis has shaped the stories and songs of bands and artists Attalus, Andrew Peterson, The Gray Havens, and Heath McNease, but to name a few.

Grab a tasty beverage, find your headphones, and get comfortable in your favourite chair to explore the legacy of C.S. Lewis!

1) Your Memorial – “Transfiguration”
2) Attalus “The Problem of Pain”
3) Heath McNease “A Grief Observed”
4) Benjamin Dunn & the Animal Friends “Caspian”

“The Legacy of CS Lewis” Spotify Playlist (+40 songs): https://tinyurl.com/suonpl7

Ep. 35 – 2019 Year Wrap Up: Best Albums & Songs

What were your favourite albums of 2019?  For our 1st episode of 2020, we talk about some of our favourite albums from the year that was!  We discuss our Top 2019 albums from veterans like King’s Kaleidoscope, Josh Garrels, Eshon Burgundy & My Epic, as well as impressive debut albums from Weeping Hour & Make Sure.

Brew Review of a nice, dark Aussie IPA also enclosed! 

Track List:
1) Josh Garrels “Anchor For My Soul”

2) Make Sure – “I Thought I Could Do Better Than You”

3) Eshon Burgundy – “Cotton”

4) Old Solar “Spring Equinox”

Show Notes:

–       Josh Garrels “Anchor For My Soul” (2012 version): https://www.pastemagazine.com/noisetrade/music/deeperwell/deeper-well

–       Barbary Coast Black IPA (6.4%): https://craftypint.com/beer/5180/green-beacon-barbary-coast-2018

–       Make Sure “Walk Home Instead” Album: https://makesure.bandcamp.com/album/walk-home-instead

Ep 34 – Matt Greiner (August Burns Red) Part 2/2 – Faith Life, Ministry on the Road, Farm Life

Join us in Part 2/2 of our Matt Greiner interview where we deal with the third and final chapter of the Matt Greiner story!

We hear stories of Matt’s Christian faith, his connection and interactions with fans going through suffering and difficulties, and his favourite Tim Keller books. We also ask Matt about his love of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and how the farm he grew up on holds a special place in his heart and life.

(Check out Episode 33, Part 1/2 where we talk all things August Burns Red, drumming, and the Holy Ghost Notes Podcast)

Track List:
1) Hillsong United – “What a Wonderful Name(Live)”

Show Links
– August Burns Red @augustburnsred
– Holy Ghost Note Podcast: theholyghostnotes.com/
– Tim Keller’s “Walking With God through Pain & Suffering”: tinyurl.com/s2e4ez6

Fan Question Submissions:
– Ryan Fishel, “Reformed Mosh Pit” Facebook Group
– Joshua James, good friend & a dead-set bonza Aussie bloke
– Matt Kram, “Indie Vision Music” Facebook Group
– Sean Wilson, “Labelled Podcast” Facebook Group
– Noah Hardwick, “Indie Vision Music” Facebook Group

Ep 33 – Matt Greiner (August Burns Red) Part 1/2: August Burns Red, Drumming, Holy Ghost Notes

Join us in Part 1/2 of our anticipated interview with Matt Greiner! Matt talks about all things @August Burns Red, from their 10 th Anniversary Constellations Tour to some interesting lyrical insights of 2 songs
from their upcoming album (un-named, TBA 2020). Matt also talks about his new podcast @Holy Ghost Notes and Chris enjoys getting nerdy with some fantastically in-depth drumming talk on paradiddles, drum gear and 16th note triplet patterns. Lots of fan- submitted questions are also put forward to Matt.
Track List:
2) August Burns Red – “Rationalist”
3) As Cities Burn – “Bloodsucker, Pt II”

Show Links

  • August Burns Red @augustburnsred
  • Holy Ghost Note Podcast: https://theholyghostnotes.com/
  • HGN Instagram: @holyghostnotes
  • – Zildjian Blast Bell (Signature Matt Greiner): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvMcZaZaW4A

Fan Question Submissions:

  • Johnathan Ramos from “In Exile (a Thrice Fan community)” Facebook Group
  • Aaron Rieck from “In Exile (a Thrice Fan community)” Facebook Group
  • David van Zandt, “Facedown Family Appreciation Group” Facebook Group
  • Tyler Craig, “Reformed Mosh Pit” Facebook Group
  • Shane Orunchuk, “Christian Metalheads International” Facebook Group
  • Joe Calderon, “Facedown Family Appreciation Group” Facebook Group
  • Logan Madero, “Christian Metalheads International” Facebook Group
  • Stuart Simpson, “Reformed Mosh Pit” Facebook Group
  • James Wilder, “In Exile (a Thrice Fan community)” Facebook Group

Episode 32 – Tenielle Neda And The First Fellow Country Woman

The Eclectic Podcast is really excited to release episode 32 joined by a recording artist signed to one of our favourite record labels (Running Club Records) and lives in our own state of Western Australia, was it mentioned we were excited?

Tenielle Neda is out guest artist and she along with the baby in her belly, joins us to talk about her journey to faith and how she went from Australian idol to singing in Tamworth to bible collage and what she does for a living, living in Karratha (hint: two tracks)

There is also talk of how to work, parent and makes music while also being a wife and how one makes the time for it all, talk about maybe doing some shows in Perth and lastly, talk about what Tenielle’s taste in music is like and lastly talk about the potential to do some Tenielle Neda maternity merchandise.

Like share and leave a review on itunes.

Track List:

Tenielle Neda – Mercy
Tenielle Neda – Antidote for Apathy
Tenielle Neda – No fear in love
John Van Deusen – None other


Episode 31 – The Eclectic Global Take Over

Having been a podcast for about 3 years, looking for new music to play is enjoyable and a pleasure, especially when you come across something really good. When people from around the world send us good music we don’t have to look for, we get excited and can’t help but dance, sing along and share it with you.

This is what episode 31 is all about, people reaching out to us via social media and recommending their own musical creations or those of friends and family. Christian artists from Canada, Holland, America and Madagascar have either sent us tracks or people close to them have brought to our attention, these musical gems.

There is a brew review of a great local Perth brewery, Otherside brewing co, albums The Eclectic has listened to in 2019, some highly recommended, some not and of course all the other things that make it The Eclectic Podcast.

Track list:
1) Fy Rasolofoniaina – Tiako Ianao
2) Kensington Prairie – Healer
3) Redeemed – Boundryles 
4) Psalm – Walk Away


Episode 30 – The Colab Coffee Roasters ft Asher Van Wollingen

We’re sorry Episode 30 took this long to reach your ears, but things have been happening, like wedding and giving birth things. But Chris and I are past all that and are ready to give you Asher Van Wollingen and The Colab coffee roasters.

Asher, good friend of the show and talented coffee roaster joins us to dissect what it means to roast, supply and enjoy specialty coffee. Asher also talks about why speciality coffee is important in the livelihoods of farmers, what countries produce what flavours and a home brew, brew review.

Listen out for 4 tracks from some well known christians artists that will probably be very familiar to a lot of listeners with a redemptive theme intertwined throughout them all or what ever that means.


1. Beautiful Eulogy ft Propaganda – Wonderful
2. Jon Foreman – Lord save me from myself
3. Thrice – The great exchange
4. Josh Garrels – Farther along



Episode 29 – This is REVERIE ft Justin And Chic

Columbus, Ohio seems is a hotbed for heavy music! We enjoyed some great conversations with Chic Estose (drummer) & Justin McGough (lead guitarist) from up-and-coming melodic hardcore band REVERIE, for Episode 29.

Join us for stories from the studio when REVERIE recorded their debut EP “The Prodigal” (released Nov 2018), Chic & Justin’s perspective on music as a platform for ministry, and the band’s strong ties with fellow Ohio metal bands @Wolves at the Gate and @Convictions.

Track List:
1) REVERIE – Home
2) REVERIE – Misery / Empathy
3) REVERIE – Smoke Signals (feat. Nick Detty of Wolves at the Gate)
4) My Epic – Further Up, Further In

Website: www.thisisreverie.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/reverieohioofficial
Instagram: @thisisreverie
Twitter: @thisisreverie
Bigcartel: www.thisisreverie.bigcartel.com

Eclectic Podcast Ep 28 – Hard Topics feat. Josh James

We talk about hard topics such as faith & doubt and mental health and suicide in an episode not to be missed! Join us with our good friend Josh James as we move track-by-track by bands of faith who venture into lyrical content that challenges, confronts & facilitates deeper thinking.
Also includes a Brew Review, with a solid Scottish brew brought in by Josh.

Track List

Color Me Valiant – ‘Commissioned’

Silent Planet – ‘Understanding Love as Loss’

Valleyheart – ‘Crave’

Gungor – ‘Lovely Broken’

**Some content in this episode may be challenging for listeners. If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts or need mental health support, please get support or ring the below numbers:
AUSTRALIA – 13 11 14 (LifeLine)
UK — 116 123 (Samaritans)
USA – 1 800 273 8255 (National Suicide Prevention Hotline)
NEW ZEALAND – 1737 (24/7 couselling)

The Eclectic Podcast // Social Media :
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/podcast.eclectic/
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