Episode 25 – Instrumental/Post Rock/Cinematic Folk With Hidden Land

Episode 25

Hidden Land (Myles O’Mainnian & Johan Lager) are a Scandinavia-based duo who blend ambient, post-rock and folk stylings in their debut album ‘Perspectives’.

Hear Myles & Johan share their recent signing to popular film licensing company Musicbed, shooting a music video in beautiful Iceland, and how their faith impacts them as musicians and creatives. We also play three tracks and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse on lyrics, sonic textures and the story of how ‘Perspectives’ came to be.


1) Hidden Land – ‘Remind Me’

2) Hidden Land – ‘Trinity’

3) Hidden Land – ‘Perspectives’

Instagram: @hiddenland.co

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hiddenland.co/ ‘Remind Me’ music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8rXQI6LN4s

‘Perspectives’ is available on Spotify, iTunes & Bandcamp

Episode 24- Christmas Special With A Beautiful Liturgy

Guess what friends? It’s the last episode for 2018 and it’s also the time of year where the snow starts to fall in the north of the globe and the sun turns ice blocks to water vapour before 7am in the southern parts of the globe, thats right it’s Christmas time!

This the 24th and final episode of 2018 is filled to the brim with content that could fill your largest stocking twice over, with a brew review featuring a super special guest, plenty of quality music that reflects the true reason for the season and all the other good content that The Eclectic Podcast is known for.

A Beautiful Liturgy also join us for the second time on The Eclectic Podcast to talk about their brand new track ‘Glory be to God on High’, an astoundingly beautiful, contemporary rendition of a Charles Wesley hymn. To craft this masterpiece they bunkered down at Calvin Institute of Worship at the start of this year and the results are beautiful, so take a listen. We also form a new christmas tradition close to the end of the show so please, like share and subscribe to find out for yourself what it is.

Track list:
1) August Burns Red – Joy to the World
2)A Beautiful Liturgy- Glory be to God on High
3) My Epic- Lower Still
4)The Sing Team- Go Tell It On The Mountain

Episode 23- All About Hip Hop/Curated By Jacob Baijal

The Eclectic brings the heat and the old school beats, hear Shai Linne preach and the crowd on their feet. Thats right listeners it the long await second round knock out that is the Hip-Hop curated series featuring non other than good friend of the show Jacob Baijal.

We talk with Jacob about simple simon rhyming, christian MC’s, why hip-hop is such a great vehicle to bring theological truths to your ears in an easy to understand way, who is making some fine theological based, christ centered rhymes in CHH today, plus who would feature in Jacobs, Eclectic sponsored back yard concert.

Track list:
1) Shai Linne – I’m Hot (Album: Still Jesus, 2017)
2) Lavoisier – I Get Money (Album: The Rap Terrorist)
3) Flame – Move Forward (Album: Forward, 2015)
4) Timothy Brindle – Excellency of Christ (Album: Excellency, 2005)

Episode 21- Moda Spira, Page CXVI And Latifa Alatas

Latifah Alattas is an artist, producer and songwriter who has worked extensively with a wide array of Christian indie artists and bands, including Josh Garrels, Loud Harp, Beautiful Eulogy and Aaron Strumpel.

Hear Latifah share the story of her grief, heartbreak and hope in the midst of suffering in her latest album ‘Divorce’ (releasing October 26). Hear a yet-to-be released track from the album, and her close working partnership with Dave Wilton from @A Boy and His Kite.
The episode also features generous servings of canine contributions from Tifah’s dog. This is one episode you won’t want to miss!

Track list:

1) Loud Harp – ‘Immanuel’
2) Aaron Strumpel – ‘Mighty Refuge (Guard My Heart)’
3) Aaron Hale – ‘Carry the Weight’
4) Page CXVI – Wash Me Clean
5) Moda Spira – ‘Bed’

Episode 21- Running Club Records And Chris Lawson Jones

Ep #22 – Interview with Chris Lawson Jones (Running Club Records)

“I just want to get behind [musicians and bands] that are exciting musically and point people to Jesus Christ” – Chris Lawson Jones

This episode sees Joel & Chris speaking to Chris Lawson Jones about the new UK record label, Running Club Records. We hear about the new and emerging indie worship music scene in the UK and listen to the newest signees to the label, @Josh Gauton and @Rivers and Robots.

Chris also name-drops a fellow Perth drummer & promises to bring the beloved Rivers and Robots Down Under sometime in the future!

1) Rivers & Robots – ‘Discovery’
2) Josh Gauton – ‘Cathedral’
3) Lucy Grimble – ‘Heartbeats’

Episode 20 – Caleb Mccoy And The Oak Season 3.

What’s an oak tree got to do with quality hip-hop? Good things come in threes & Boston-based hip-hop artist Caleb McCoy’s OAK albums are no exception!

Tune in to hear about Caleb’s forthcoming album The OAK Season 3 (releasing Sept 7), hear two tracks from the album & C’s three tips for aspiring Christian Hip Hop artists.

Also, Joel & Chris get schooled on the different hip-hop subcultures in the United States, while Caleb comes close to a flawless score on our regular segment, “The Aussie Citizenship Test.”

Track List:

1. Caleb Mccoy- Get it back
2. Caleb Mccoy- Loyalty ft Amberlea
3. Eshon Burgundy- Pray
4. Christon Gray- Wanna
5. Kings Kaleidoscope – Stick and Stones
6. Caleb Mccoy- Time for everything

Episode 19- All About Metal/Curated By Joshua James

“Metal goes to places that other genres simply can’t go” – Joshua James

Strap yourselves in, because it’s about to get a little rowdy at The Eclectic! Our good friend & fellow Aussie, Joshua James joined us in studio for one of our favourite episodes that we’ve recorded, to date. Get ready to head bang to Josh’s shredding metal tracklist, hear stories of moshpit mishappenings & get schooled in Metal Apologetics 101 to learn how metal is the perfect medium of lament, brokenness & doxology. We also learn a little more about Josh’s involvement with @Good Guy Swag.

(In the ‘Curated Series’, we get specialist knowledge & insight from friends on a specific genre of music. The guest curates the playlist, answers our burning questions and shares their passion for the genre)

Track List

1) @Fit For A King – “Tower of Pain”
2) @August Burns Red – “Dangerous”
3) @Impending Doom – “Unbroken”
4) @Sleeping Giant – “Hosanna

Episode 18- 6 Months//6 Tracks

This episode marks the halfway point of this year that is 2018. There is so much going on in this slightly shorter episode with the regular brew review plus another episode of firsts, two brand new segments, namely Joels bars and shoutouts!

So if you want to find out which 6 tracks The Eclectic Podcast really enjoyed in the first half of this year listen to the whole episode and revel in the new found joys of discovering what great christian music really sounds like.

1) Brett Lee Miller – ‘Afraid’
2) Jonathan Ogden – ‘Remind Me’
3) My Epic – ‘Of Wilderness’
4) Lifelong – ‘Yours Alone’
5) Jackie Hill Perry – ‘Mustard Seed’
6) Gray Havens – ‘Forever’

Episode 17 – Tim Devos And Pindari Restoration House.

Episode 17:

Episode 17 is yet another first for the Eclectic Podcast: we’re doing our first interview live in studio with our friend, Tim de Vos from Pindari Restoration House. There will also be the first live recording and performing of a song, chosen by Tim live in the studio.

Apart from the obvious there is also lots of good talk about what it means to stay grounded, especially when it comes to restoring the lives of men struggling with life dominating issues and addictions, how PRH uses music in the day to day activities and devotions, plus find out more about what Pindari does and how you can support them in such a worthy cause.

Track List:
1) David Baloche – Lead Me to the Rock
2) Josh Garrels – Born Again
3) Casting Crowns – Set Me Free
4) Sons of Korah – Psalm 40

Episode 16 – Hymns, But Not As You Know Them.

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.”

* Psalm 40:3

This episode we dive into the deep and wide ocean of hymns from the past! We look into stories behind classic hymns such as “I Need Thee” (Annie Hawks, 1872) and “There is a Fountain Filled with Blood” (William Cowper, 1772) and spin five modern renditions of classic hymns from @Page CXVI, @Eikon and @Wolves at the Gate.

Also includes regular segments ‘Brew Review’ and ‘News of Note’.

Track List:

1) @Page CVXI – “Praise to the Lord”

2) @Attalus – “There is a Redeemer”

3) @Eikon – “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”

4) @Wolves at the Gate – “Fountain”

5) @lowercase noises – “I Need Thee”